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Read before buy

Here are some important points to consider before buying a book:

1. The books registered on the site belong entirely to libraries and personal collections. Books that may never have been opened for reading, or some of their pages may have been flipped, or they may have been worn out by too much reading. Donation notes – sometimes from the author himself or the translator or proofreader – although in a hasty look they have removed the new color from it, but from an expert point of view, they have added value. Hence, the present collection can not be called “second-hand books” or “new books”, which is a mess. If you are planning to buy a book that you must see before buying, preferably from a traditional bookstore.

2 – One of the goals of the site is to complete personal libraries with various topics, and to complete your shortcomings. Therefore, in many multi-volume books, the book is offered in single volume or only volumes of it are offered for sale. So, before buying, be sure to pay attention to the number of volumes, the image of the work and the descriptions recorded under each book.

3 – Due to the complexity and cost of preparation, insertion of content in the system, storage and delivery, the book is not referenced in any way. You are required to be very careful before buying.

4 – Orders will be sent after a maximum of 48 hours. After the final order, and payment, if the product has not yet been delivered to the post office, it is possible to cancel the purchase by phone. The list also represents the sales of the publications of the Islamic Reserves Association. For these books, no code has been registered so that they can be purchased in any number. In some cases, some of the assembly books may not be in stock that will be prepared, printed, and shipped within a week of ordering.

5 – If the purchased book can not be sent due to loss or human error – and not natural and unexpected disasters – the site is committed to return the deposit within 48 hours and half of the price of the book as a “free replacement book” Post to the customer at his choice.

6 – Do not worry about the stamps of private or public libraries. You can be sure that all the books have been removed from the collection through a completely legal process. We believe that seals and notes are part of the history of that book. So we do not delete any add-ons.

7 – Pricing, based on the opinion of the owners of the collections, so in the case of books on the market may be cheaper or more expensive than the market. Sometimes from a book, two or more different codes and numbers registered at different prices. This means that books are provided from different libraries. You can choose whichever you want, but be careful in your choice, because only the code assigned to the product will be sent to you, not the same.

8 – In each chapter, only real customers from the section (wall of kindness) can order 4 books for free. If the request is more than 4 books, the supplement will be sent in the next chapter (after four months). But for public libraries, there is no limit to the number of requests.

9 – What is recorded in the collection (to this link: are pieces of art, calligraphy, miniatures, documents and historical sheets, not books. All of these works are original and you can order them for your personal library or home or work decor. To order, pay attention to whether they are framed or not. If you want a frameless piece to be shipped framed, be sure to contact us after purchase, and before shipping. Note that the sizes recorded on the site are approximate. Contact us if the size is important to you or if you want the size of the main piece to be accurately calculated, along with the size of the border. If the phone number registered on the site was not answered for any reason, send your question on WhatsApp to 09038046344 and be patient to receive the answer.